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Lili Di Puppo – The Construction of Success in Anti-Corruption Activity in Georgia

This article examines anti-corruption activities in Georgia after the Rose Revolution of  November 2003 under the administration of Mikheil Saakashvili csr8510 a10 드라이버 다운로드. It aims to analyse the existence of different assessments on the countrys success in fighting corruption and applies an interpretive framework to study these assessments as narratives that reveal the diverging or converging interests of anti-corruption actors in sustaining a common narrative on the countrys reforms 앨런 웨이크 다운로드.

Di Puppo, L. (2014). The construction of success in anti-corruption activity in Georgia. East European Politics, 30(1), 105-122 adobe air 다운로드.

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Stacy Closson – State Weakness in Perspective: Strong Politico-Economic Networks in Georgia’s Energy Sector

Taking the case of Georgia, this article considers the role of politico-economic networks in weakening the energy sector in a post-Soviet state 다운로드. It concludes that in a weak state, networks have replaced legitimate channels of communication and no amount of foreign financial or technical assistance can make up for the lack of will among the stakeholders to develop an efficient energy system 8월의 크리스마스 영화 다운로드.

Closson, S. (2009). State weakness in perspective: strong politico-economic networks in Georgia’s energy sector. Europe-Asia Studies, 61(5), 759-778 다운로드.


Till Bruckner – Decision-Making and Georgia’s Perpetual Revolution: The Case of IDP Housing

Examining the government’s efforts to provide housing to those internally displaced by the August 2008 conflict with Russia sheds light not only on the housing program itself, but on contemporary Georgian politics in general 허니셀렉트 캐릭터 다운로드. In particular, four traits characteristic of the United National Movement’s revolutionary governance are brought into focus: informal decision-making, fluid roles, heroic action, and vanguard politics 다운로드.

Bruckner, T. (2009). Decision-Making and Georgia’s Perpetual Revolution: The Case of IDP Housing. Caucasian Review of International Affairs, 3(2), 172-180 다운로드.


Nina Dadalauri – Political Corruption in Georgia


This chapter reviews corruption in Georgia, a country which has had a revolution in the name of anti-corruption, subsequently rapidly adopted an archetypal package of anti-corruption policy and practice, but arguably still remains trapped by unsavoury structures of privilege which the donors have always been myopic towards due to geopolitical interest 다운로드.

Dadalauri, N. (2007). Political Corruption in Georgia. in: Bracking, S. (ed). (2007). Corruption and Development. NY: Palgrave Macmillan, 155-166 다운로드.


IDEA – Building Democracy in Georgia


As a contribution to promoting sustainable democracy in Georgia and in the wider context in the South
Caucasus region, International IDEA, in partnership with Georgian and regional actors, initiated a programme
of ‘democratic assessment through dialogue’ in Georgia, in autumn 2001 다운로드.

International Institute for Democracy and Electoral Assistance (2003). Building Democracy in Georgia: Democratization in Georgia.

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