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Gerald Mars and Yochanan Altman – The Cultural Bases of Soviet Georgia’s Second Economy

The primary purpose of this paper is to demonstrate, with the aid of illustrative cases, the link between the core values of Georgian culture and the working principles of its second economy 이투스 앱 다운로드. Authors aim to show that only by first understanding underlying cultural forces can we begin to grasp the reasons why Georgia, of all the Soviet Republics, should possess such a dynamic and deeply entrenched second economy 나홀로집에1.

Mars, G., & Altman, Y. (1983). The cultural bases of Soviet Georgia’s second economy. Europe‐Asia Studies, 35(4), 546-560 슬픈 씬 다운로드.


IDEA – Building Democracy in Georgia


As a contribution to promoting sustainable democracy in Georgia and in the wider context in the South
Caucasus region, International IDEA, in partnership with Georgian and regional actors, initiated a programme
of ‘democratic assessment through dialogue’ in Georgia, in autumn 2001 다운로드.

International Institute for Democracy and Electoral Assistance (2003). Building Democracy in Georgia: Democratization in Georgia.

Download Paper 1; Paper 2; Paper 3; Paper 4; Paper 5; Paper 6; Paper 7; Paper 8Paper 9; Paper 10; Paper 11; Paper 12; Summary

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Salome Minesashvili – How European Are We? Explaining Georgia’s Westward Aspiration

Based on the analysis of public attitudes in Georgia through opinion polls, this paper argues that although Georgian society shares the official westward aspiration, when scrutinized deeply Georgian attitudes are less compatible with some basic “European” values such as tolerance towards minorities, interpersonal trust, gender equality and elite challenging activities 다운로드. Weakness of the value orientation raises a question about validity of approach discussing Georgia’s genuine Westward aspiration from the cultural perspective 다운로드.

Minesashvili, S. (2013). How European Are We? Explaining Georgia’s Westward Aspiration 샌드 박스 다운로드. Foreign Policy & Security Programme, Center for Social Sciences