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Christoph H. Stefes – Governance, the State, and Systemic Corruption: Armenia and Georgia in Comparison

Endemic corruption has been a destructive legacy of Soviet rule for most successor states of the Soviet Union. Yet as the two cases of this study demonstrate, corruption has manifested itself in different ways 맥북 워드. While the smooth transition of power in the early 1990s has allowed Armenia’s political leaders to use corruption to consolidate firm control over the state apparatus, Georgia’s tumultuous transition has caused the disintegration of the state apparatus into feuding groups that abuse their official positions for private gain hp 무선랜 드라이버. However, while Georgia’s chaotic form of corruption has offered room for democratic change, Armenia’s political system is stable but more strongly authoritarian 다운로드.

Stefes, C. H. (2008). Governance, the state, and systemic corruption: Armenia and Georgia in comparison. Caucasian Review of International Affairs, 2(2), 73-83 Yuzu download.


Stacy Closson – State Weakness in Perspective: Strong Politico-Economic Networks in Georgia’s Energy Sector

Taking the case of Georgia, this article considers the role of politico-economic networks in weakening the energy sector in a post-Soviet state 다운로드. It concludes that in a weak state, networks have replaced legitimate channels of communication and no amount of foreign financial or technical assistance can make up for the lack of will among the stakeholders to develop an efficient energy system 8월의 크리스마스 영화 다운로드.

Closson, S. (2009). State weakness in perspective: strong politico-economic networks in Georgia’s energy sector. Europe-Asia Studies, 61(5), 759-778 다운로드.