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John A. Gould and Carl Sickner – Making Market Democracies? The Contingent Loyalties of Post-Privatization Elites in Azerbaijan, Georgia and Serbia

Neoliberal market reformers stress the ‘market building instincts’ of private owners to justify rapid forms of property transformation under illiberal political conditions 다운로드. Authors employ a ‘path contingency’ approach to show that under illiberal, competitive authoritarian conditions, privatization recipients and other private economic agents are unlikely to demand the basic institutions of market democracy. This paper examines these propositions during illiberal regime crises in Serbia, Georgia and Azerbaijan 다운로드.

Gould, J. A., & Sickner, C. (2008). Making market democracies? The contingent loyalties of post-privatization elites in Azerbaijan, Georgia and Serbia 다운로드. Review of International Political Economy, 15(5), 740-769.

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Marina Muskhelishvili – Constitutional Changes in Georgia

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Muskhelishvili, M. (2005). Constitutional changes in Georgia. Centre for Social Studies.

What are the parameters that legitimize the state, law and government in 2000s Georgia 다운로드? What kind of political discourses characterize the regime that is described as “illiberal democracy?” Does constitutional liberalism have any prospects in Georgia 교통안전표지판? These are the issues that are discussed in light of the constitutional changes in Georgia.