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Richard Bennet – Delivering on the Hope of the Rose Revolution: Public Sector Reform in Georgia, 2004-2009

Following the peaceful Rose Revolution in November 2003, Georgia President Mikheil Saakashvili and State Minister for Reform Coordination Kakha Bendukidze sought to overhaul the country’s Soviet-style bureaucracy, which had become the target of public anger 다운로드. Borrowing ideas from libertarian, free-market think tanks and the New Public Management model, Bendukidze recruited a staff, eliminated redundant functions in the executive arm of government, consolidated ministries and slashed the size of the civil service 캡처 도구 다운로드. Bendukidze’s vision of limited government complemented Saakashvili’s goal of eliminating corruption by reducing opportunities for bribe taking. Although Bendukidze was instrumental in developing many of the reform policies, his office left the implementation of reforms to individual ministries 한컴 오피스 2010 체험판 다운로드. This case chronicles the steps that the Georgian government took to reorganize and consolidate its operations, capitalizing on public support in order to make rapid and bold changes 다운로드.

Bennet, R. (2011). “Delivering on the Hope of the Rose Revolution: Public Sector Reform in Georgia, 2004-2009” 다운로드. Princeton: Princeton University, Innovations for Successful Societies.