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Alexander Kupatadze – Police Reform in Georgia

This paper analyses the trajectory of post-Rose Revolution transition in the criminal justice system of Georgia and the way in which the rule of law has been undermined for the sake of building a strong state 하나다 소년사 다운로드. The achievements and shortcomings of Georgian police reform are discussed and it is argued that the reforms have mainly targeted „low policing‟ in order to meet the key concerns of the citizenry while „high policing‟ remained above the law and a crucial safeguard for the ruling regime 숏버스 다운로드. The paper demonstrates that over the long term the anti-crime policies may have been failing and the zero-tolerance policy and prison experience of delinquents could have contributed in the displacement of the crime problem to the future 다운로드.

Kupatadze, A. (2013). Police Reform in Georgia. Caucasus Social Science Review (CSSR), 1(1).


Louise Shelley, Erik R. Scott, Anthony Latta (eds.) – Organized Crime and Corruption in Georgia

This book, based on extensive original research, surveys the most enduring aspects of organized crime and corruption in Georgia and the most important reforms since the Rose Revolution 다운로드. Endemic crime and corruption had a devastating effect on government and everyday life in Georgia, spurring widespread popular discontent that culminated with the Rose Revolution in 2003 다운로드. Some of the hopes of the Rose Revolution have been realized, though major challenges lie ahead as Georgia confronts deep-seated crime and corruption issues that will remain central to political, economic, and social life in the years to come 다운로드.

Shelley, L., Scott, E. R., & Latta, A. (Eds.). (2007). Organized crime and corruption in Georgia. Routledge.


Adam Hug (ed.) – Spotlight on Georgia


This report examines the growing human rights and governance challenges facing Georgia. It highlights increasing concerns both, internal and international, about Georgian rule of law, media freedom, policing and electoral processes 다운로드. The pamphlet recommends how Georgia must reform and what the international community should do to support it.

Hug, A. (ed.) (2009). Spotlight on Georgia 다운로드. London: The Foreign Policy Centre.