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David Siroky & Valeriy Dzutsev – Rational or Reckless? Georgia’s Zugzwang in the Caucasus


Although the 2008 Russian-Georgian war was a military defeat for Georgia, it has only reinforced Georgia’s westward trajectory. One noteworthy difference from Georgia’s pre-war policy is a new regional strategy – the North Caucasus Initiative – that seeks to create a soft power alternative to Russia’s military dominance in the region 다운로드. This approach is rational rather than reckless, as some critics have claimed. It represents a carefully calculated strategy that is already benefiting Georgia and from which all concerned parties, including Russia, stand to gain 다운로드.

Siroky, D. S., & Dzutsev, V. (2012). Rational or reckless? Georgia’s zugzwang in the Caucasus. Nationalities Papers, 40(3), 303-314 다운로드.


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