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Kevin Tuite – Real and Imagined Feudalism in Highland Georgia

During the 8th-9th centuries, a system of land tenure and political organization that has been described as “feudal” arose in the Transcaucasus 한컴 오피스 2010 다운로드. The author argues that none of the mountainous regions of Georgia was untouched by feudalism, although the effects were very different in the eastern (Pxovi) and western (Svanetian) highlands 솔져오브포춘2 다운로드. The study contribute to research on Central Caucasian history and comparative religion, as well as to investigations of the impact of large-scale social, political and economic transformations on peripheral communities 동네사람들 다운로드.

Tuite, K. (2002). Real and imagined feudalism in highland Georgia. Amirani7, 25-43 다운로드.