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Giorgi Kandelaki and Giorgi Meladze – Enough! Kmara and the Rose Revolution in Georgia

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Why, of all post-Soviet countries, was Georgia the one where such a democratic breakthrough was possible for the first time 유튜브 동영상 여러개 다운로드? What factors and actors made the revolution possible? How important and substantial was western assistance? The following analysis endeavors to explore these questions 다운로드.

Kandelaki, G. and G. Meladze (2007). ‘Enough! Kmara and the Rose Revolution in Georgia’. In Joerg Forbrig and Pavol Demeš (Eds.), Reclaiming Democracy 다운로드. Civil society and Electoral Change in Central and Eastern Europe. Pp. 101- 125. Washington DC: German Marshall Fund of the United States.


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Cory Welt – Regime Vulnerability and Popular Mobilization in Georgia’s Rose Revolution

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The paper first discusses the extent to which the vulnerability of the regime was exposed before and during the electoral process 나를잊지말아요. Author then examines the factors that contributed to popular mobilization, noting at first why mobilization was surprising even given government vulnerability 다운로드. Third, he assesses the role of U.S. intervention and Serbian-inspired NGOs and offer tentative conclusions regarding their effects. The appendix addresses the question of why alternative electoral breakthroughs did not occur 다운로드.

Welt, C. (2006). Regime vulnerability and popular mobilization in Georgia’s Rose Revolution. Center on Democracy, Development, and the Rule of Law Working Papers, (67) 다운로드.


Nicklaus Laverty – The Problem of Lasting Change: Civil Society and the Colored Revolutions in Georgia and Ukraine


Civil society played a vital role in the colored revolutions of Georgia and Ukraine, exemplified by the activism of the youth groups Kmara and Pora 다운로드. As democratic reform has stalled, however, these groups have found themselves increasingly marginalized because of the reemergence of authoritarian practices and elites 컴퓨터 앱 다운로드. Only the renewed inclusion of civil society can restore the democratization process.

Laverty, N. (2008). The problem of lasting change: Civil society and the Colored Revolutions in Georgia and Ukraine kyocera. Demokratizatsiya: The Journal of Post-Soviet Democratization, 16(2), 143-162.

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