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Kevin Tuite – The Banner of Xaxmat’is-Jvari: Vazha-Pshavela’s Xevsureti

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The author examines Vazha’s nonfictional as well as fictional depictions of Xevsureti and the Xevsurs, with the aim of coming to a better understanding of what they represented for the writer who, more than any other, introduced them to a national readership 다운로드. He argues that Vazha deployed his portrayals of the Xevsurs, the most peripheral and “primitive” among the eastern Georgian mountain tribes, in two distinct domains, as regards both literary genre and mode of treatment: Whereas in his nonfiction writings Vazha sought to formulate a practical plan of development and action for the Georgian highlanders, in his major poetic works he explored the relation between the heroic individual and society in a mythic and aesthetic mode, culminating in the irreconcilable conflict between personal moral code and social obligations portrayed in “The Snake-eater”

Tuite, K. The banner of Xaxmat’is-Jvari: Vazha-Pshavela’s Xevsureti. In: Gamqreliże, E 다운로드. (Ed.). (2008). Der Dichter Vaza-Psavela: fünf Essays (Vol. 4). Königshausen & Neumann.


Kevin Tuite – The Autocrat of the Banquet Table: the political and social significance of the Georgian supra


In this article the author raises important questions concerning the cultural, social and political implications of the supra. The Georgian banquet is heavily loaded with political implications, whether or not politics is spoken about at the table 다운로드. Since the supra is such a prominent feature of social life, and furthermore, one that is frequently mentioned as a marker of Georgian or Caucasian identity, authors who write about this ritual necessarily engage with widespread notions of Georgianness, and find themselves – tacitly or explicitly – taking a stance with regard to such politically-loaded issues as gender, labor and consumption 네이버 동영상 편집기.

Tuite, K. (2005). The Autocrat of the Banquet Table: the political and social significance of the Georgian supra. Language, history and cultural identities in the Caucasus, 9 다운로드.