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Karl Kautsky – Georgia: A Social-Democratic Peasant Republic, Impressions and Observations

“The present book is the result of a visit which I made to Georgia in August 1920 헝그리 샤크 에볼루션 버그 판 다운로드. Invited by the Social-Democratic Party of Georgia, I journeyed thence at the same time as the delegation of the Second International, which had been, asked to visit the country by the Georgian Government 다운로드. Falling ill in Rome, I was only able to reach the country fourteen days after the delegation arrived, in fact, just at the time when the latter was returning 비주얼 c++. I remained a much longer time in the country, from the end of September until the beginning of January. In view of the state of my health and the unfavourable weather, I was prevented from visiting every part of the country like the delegation 다운로드. To this must be added my ignorance of the Georgian language. Nevertheless, I was able to enter into direct contact with the people and to acquaint myself with their ideas c# 여러 파일. Likewise, the native literature relating to the country, both official and private was inaccessible to me because of the language difficulties, so far as I was not aided by translators. Thus I cannot pose as one who has investigated the country 카카오톡 음악 다운로드. Nevertheless, I have learned far more of it than an ordinary tourist…” Karl Kautsky.

Kautsky, K. (1921) 붐 비치. Georgia: A Social-Democratic Peasant Republic, Impressions and Observations. translated by H. J. Stenning and revised by the Author. London: International Bookshops 다운로드.

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