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Paul Manning – Folklore and Terror in Georgia’s ‘Notorious’ Pankisi Gorge: The Ethnography of State Violence at the Margins of the Nation

One of the more curious side effects of the “branding” of localities in the War on Terror was the production of certain kinds of fantastic places, such that certain otherwise unremarkable places came to be diagnosed as “Terror bases.” This chapter explores a curious dual apperception of this place within two “folkloric” discourses. Within the discourse of Georgian folklore, Pankisi is at best peripheral, within the discourse of the Folklore of Terror, Pankisi briefly became central 다운로드. Finally, author show how the peripherality of Pankisi to “the nation,” and centrality to “terror,” became a resource of legitimate violence for the Georgian State 바탕화면 달력.

Manning, P. (2008). Folklore and Terror in Georgia’s ‘Notorious’ Pankisi Gorge: The ethnography of state violence at the margins of the nation 리스크 오브 레인. In Cultural Archetypes and Political changes in the Caucasus, eds. Nino Tsitsishvili and Sergey Arutiunov. Nova Science Publishers Inc.


Rebecca Gould – Aleksandre Qazbegi’s Mountaineer Prosaics: The Anticolonial Vernacular on Georgian–Chechen Borderlands

The Georgian writer Aleksandre Qazbegi (1848-1893) is notable for the anticolonial themes that were inspired by the seven years he passed among as a mountaineer raft 게임. Drawing on ethnography to advance expressive possibilities of prose, Qazbegi’s literary aesthetic challenged prior poetic norms, while using vernacular realism to pioneer a new prosaic form 한다군 다운로드. This essay examines the conjunctures of ethnography, prosaics, and the literary imagination to consider how Qazbegi rendered mountaineer life on Georgian-Chechen borderlands 다운로드.

Gould, R. (2014). Aleksandre Qazbegi’s Mountaineer Prosaics: The Anticolonial Vernacular on Georgian–Chechen Borderlands. Ab Imperio2014(1), 361-390 다운로드.

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Martin Frederiksen – Young Men, Time, and Boredom in the Republic of Georgia

In the midst of societal optimism, how do young men cope with the loss of a vibrant future 환상의 빛 다운로드? Young Men, Time, and Boredom in the Republic of Georgia provides a vivid exploration of the tension between subjective and societal time and the ways these tensions create experiences of marginality among under- or unemployed young men in the Republic of Georgia 해피이벤트 다운로드.

Based on long-term ethnographic fieldwork, Martin Demant Frederiksen shows how the Georgian state has attempted to make the so-called post-Soviet transition a thing of the past as it creates new ideas about the future daum pot 동영상 다운로드. Yet some young men in the regional capital of Batumi do not feel that they are part of the progression these changes create. Instead, they feel marginalized both by space and time—passed over and without prospects 소공녀 다운로드.

This distinctive case study provides empirical evidence for a deeper understanding of contemporary societal developments and their effects on individual experiences 다운로드.

Frederiksen, M. D. (2013). Young men, time, and boredom in the Republic of Georgia. Philadelphia: Temple University Press.

Available at Amazon.com; Chapter 1 (temple.edu) Review (Erik Aasland, American Ethnologist) (Perry Sherouse, Rezensionen)

Tamara Dragadze – Rural Families in Soviet Georgia: A Case Study in Ratcha Province

Tamara Dragadze is the only western-trained anthropologist to have done three years’ field work in any rural area of the Soviet Union 백세인생 노래. The result of her ethnographic study of a village in Ratcha Province in the foothills of the Great Caucasian Range is this unique account of family life in rural Soviet Georgia 12인의 성난 사람들 다운로드. Dragadze provides a detailed ethnography of domestic life, showing how rural families adapt their traditional ways in response to Soviet policy and including an account of women’s roles and of socialization Studio one download. Her book is an important contribution to the study of the relationship between social institutions and the State, and it demonstrates the relevance of social anthropology and detailed ethnographic case studies to political science and Soviet studies in particular 다운로드.

Dragadze, T. (2003). Rural Families in Soviet Georgia: A Case Study in Ratcha Province. Routledge.


Shorena Kurtsikidze and Vakhtang Chikovani – Georgia’’s Pankisi Gorge: An Ethnographic Survey


This paper presents an ethnography of the various groups of the Pankisi Gorge, in particular of the Kist ethnic group. The authors discuss the migration of the various ethnic groups into the region, their family and kinship structures, and their customs 다운로드. The work also gauges the developments occurring in the beginnings of 2000s when the region was center of tensions between different armed groups.

Kurtsikidze, S., & Chikovani, V 다운로드. (2002). Georgia’s Pankisi Gorge: An Ethnographic Survey.