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Paul Manning – Semiotics of Drink and Drinking

Drink, as an embodied semiotic and material form, mediates social life 마사무네의 리벤지. This book examines the fundamental nature of drink through a series of modular but connected ethnographic discussions. It looks at the way the materiality of a specific drink (coffee, wine, water, beer) serves as the semiotic medium for a genre of sociability in a specific time and place 유진표 천년지기 다운로드.

As an explicitly comparative semiotic study, the book uses familiar and unfamiliar case studies to show how drinks with similar material properties are semiotically organized into very different drinking practices, including ethnographic examples as diverse as the relation of coffee to talk (in ordering at Starbucks) 다운로드. Further chapters look at the dryness of gin in relation to the modern cocktail party and the embedding of beer brands in the ethnographic imagination of the nation 다운로드. Rather than treat drinks as mere propos in the exclusively human drama of the social, the book promotes them to actors on the stage.

Manning, P 12번째 솔저 다운로드. (2012). Semiotics of Drink and Drinking. Bloomsbury Academic.

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