Georgi Derluguian – Abkhazia: A Broken Paradise

The conventional explanations of the Abkhazian independence war against the Republic of Georgia invariably dwell on the combination of local ancient hatreds and Moscow’s secret meddling 다운로드. This explanation is both incorrect and politically harmful. After all, what can be done if the hatreds are so ancient, and Russia, as any state faced with similar problems, might predictably have no option but to continue ‘meddling’ in its complicated Caucasus underbelly 다운로드? To reframe these inherently pessimistic assumptions, let us revisit the typical arguments or ‘facts’ one hears from the participants in the Abkhazia conflict 다운로드.

Derluguian, G. (2007). Abkhazia: A Broken Paradise. Frontier Scouts and Border Crossers, 65-88.


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