New Publications: April 2014

Project “Georgica” presents the brief overview of publications about Georgia issued in April, 2014.

Academic Articles

Jones S. (2014). Between Ideology and Pragmatism: Social Democracy and the Economic Transition in Georgia 1918-21. Caucasus Survey, Vol.1, No.2, April 2014, 63-81 다운로드.

The Democratic Republic of Georgia (1918-21) was a novel experiment in social democracy in the most unexpected time and place. The new leaders created a mixed economy, framed by social democratic goals, but driven by pragmatism. Economic pioneers, how successful were they in creating a sustainable economic system and a model for other European socialists to follow?

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Blauvelt, T 몬헌 월드 pc. K. (2014). The Establishment of Soviet Power in Abkhazia: Ethnicity, Contestation and Clientelism in the Revolutionary Periphery. Revolutionary Russia, 1-25.

This article investigates the intersection of Soviet nationality policy, ethno-federal territorialism, clientelism and the creation of new administrative institutions in the course of the establishment of Soviet power in Abkhazia, an ethnically diverse territory in the periphery of the former tsarist empire 일 포스티노 영화 다운로드.

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Kakachia, K., Pataraia, T., & Cecire, M. (2014). Networked Apathy: Georgian Party Politics an d the Role of Social Media. Demokratizatsiya: The Journal of Post-Soviet Democratization22(2), 255-275 박효신 야생화 mp3.

This article examines the way in which Georgia’s political parties use social media. Overall, of available social media, politicians and parties prefer to use Facebook, but they do not take advantage of its various interactive features.

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Turmanidze K., & Gabedava M. (2014). Georgians in the Internet Age: The Profile 에어라이더 다운로드. Caucasus Analytical Digest, No. 61-2, 2-5.

This article looks at the profile of active Internet users based on the 2013 Caucasus Barometer. Specifically, we are interested in describing the social-economic profile of internet users and exploring similarities and differences between the users and non-users in terms of political attitudes and religiosity 다운로드.

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Tsuladze L. (2014). Civil Engagement via Social Media in Georgia. Caucasus Analytical Digest, No. 61-2, 6-8.

This article discusses the specifics of civil engagement via social media in Georgia and inquires whether and to that extent online civic activities translated into actions outside cyberspace 다운로드.

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Frear T. (2014). The Foreign Policy Options of a Small Unrecognised State: the Case of Abkhazia. Caucasus Survey, Vol.1, No.2, April 2014, 83-107.

The study of international relations has historically focused on the activities of large, powerful states, dismissing the smaller entities of the international system as unimportant or merely objects of policy for the larger entities 테라 리아 다운로드. This article aims to address the foreign policy of one such entity, Abkhazia.

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Markozashvili D., & Linderman L. (2014). The Untapped Potential of Georgians Abroad. Atlantic Council Articles.

This article argues that a clear, effective, transparent, and comprehensive diaspora strategy addressing out migration and population loss will provide Georgia with a firm foundation for allied policymakers and the government to move the country toward Euro-Atlantic institutions 앨리샤 다운로드.

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Matusiak M. (2014). Georgia – Between a Dream and Reality. OSW Commentary.

The new Georgian leadership is facing strategic domestic and geopolitical challenges, compounded by the current conflict in Ukraine 다운로드.

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