Gerard Toal & John O’Loughlin – Inside South Ossetia: A Survey of Attitudes in a De Facto State

테크넷 구독자 다운로드

This article reviews the contending scripts used to understand South Ossetia and the basis of its claim to be a state. Presenting the results of a public opinion survey of Ossetians living in the territory in late 2010, trust in local institutions and leadership, and ethnic Ossetian attitudes towards other groups, return and property, as well as relations with Russia and Georgia are discussed 녹스 멀티 드라이브.

Toal, G., & O’Loughlin, J. (2013). Inside South Ossetia: a survey of attitudes in a de facto state. Post-Soviet Affairs29(2), 136-172 다운로드.


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