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Cyril Toumanoff – Medieval Georgian Historical Literature (VIIth–XVth Centuries)

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According to Cyril Toumanoff, Georgia has the only important history and culture that are almost unknown to the West. Regarding the Georgian historical sources there exist also misunderstanding and misinformation minitab 14. The aim of this study is to do a presentation of a systematic account, based on the latest research, of the monuments of Georgian literature that should be of interest of Western scholars Java json download.

Toumanoff, C. (1943). Medieval Georgian Historical Literature (VIIth–XVth Centuries). Traditio, 139-182.

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Michael Tsereteli – The Asianic (Asia Minor) Elements in National Georgian Paganism

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In this 1935 article, Michael Tsereteli examines the information preserved by the old Georgian authors concerning Georgian paganism which was misunderstood by the earlier scholars, and shows that this information points to quite different elements in Georgian pagan religion than it was formerly thought 그레이브 인카운터2.

Tseretheli, M. (1935). The Asianic (Asia Minor) Elements in National Georgian Paganism. Georgica: A Journal of Georgian and Caucasian Studies, I, 1, 28-66 바이두 apk.

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