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Archil Gegeshidze – Georgia in the Wider Europe Context: Bridging Divergent Interpretations

This paper analyzes Georgia’s Europeanization prospects within the context of the ENP. The purpose of this analysis is to formulate a coherent vision of Georgia’s future role and place in enlarging Europe 다운로드. The main hypothesis that is being tested is as follows: Georgia’s participation in the ENP is viewed differently in Brussels and Tbilisi and the divergence of interpretations of this process challenges the ENP’s objectives vis-à-vis Georgia 다운로드.

Gegeshidze, A. (2005). Georgia in the wider Europe context: Bridging divergent interpretations. Center for Policy Studies. Central European University 다운로드.


ECORYS & CASE – Trade Sustainability Impact Assessment In Support of Negotiations of a DCFTA between the EU and Georgia and the Republic of Moldova

In the context of the European Neighborhood Policy, Georgia and Moldova are in the process of negotiating an Association Agreement (AA) with the EU to replace the current Partnership and Co-operation Agreement (PCA) 전화번호 유심 다운로드. A Deep and Comprehensive Free Trade Agreement (DCFTA), underpinned by regulatory approximation, will be part of this AA. This study supports the negotiation process by analyzing how the trade and trade-related provisions of the DCFTA will affect economic, social and environmental developments in Georgia and Moldova, as well as in the EU 다운로드.

European Commission (2012). Trade Sustainability Impact Assessment in support of negotiations of a DCFTA between the EU and Georgia and the Republic of Moldova 다운로드. ECORYS-CASE, Rotterdam