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Neil MacFarlane – Democratization, Nationalism and Regional Security in the Southern Caucasus

This article focuses on political transformation in the South Caucasus and its implications for regional security. It argues that the democratization of the region’s politics in the late Soviet and post-Soviet eras contributed considerably to the deterioration in the region’s security, largely because it provided space for the articulation of national chauvinist ideas, and to some extent fostered an incentive structure in the region conducive to elite manipulation of national myths 마이크로소프트 파워포인트. Rather than playing a proactive role, democratization served primarily as a permissive condition opening the way for conflict potential to evolve into war 스카이캐슬 무료 다운로드.

MacFarlane, S. N. (1997). Democratization, Nationalism and Regional Security in the Southern Caucasus. Government and Opposition32(03), 399-420 Cura 3.6 download.


Stephen F. Jones – Georgia Through a Glass, Darkly


Since the break-up of the USSR, the South Caucasus has trodden a chequered path, both political and economic. Is democracy really what the people want 다운로드? Or just what Western donors and investors think they should have?

Jones S. F. (2013). Georgia through a glass, darkly. openDemocracy 착신아리 벨소리 다운로드.


Stephen F. Jones – Democracy in Georgia: Da Capo?


Could it be, after twenty years of experimentation, that the peaceful transfer of power by a free vote in Georgia on October 1, 2012, has brought the country close to the fabled epoch of a “consolidated democracy?”

Jones, S Cmder download. F. (2013). Democracy in Georgia: Da Capo. Cicero Foundation Great Debate.



Pamela Jawad – Democratic Consolidation in Georgia after the “Rose Revolution”?

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This report analyzes the conditions relevant to democratic consolidation in Georgia. Does the Rose Revolution really represent a “decisive twist” in the country’s development? Is the Saakashvili administration capable of living up to the hopes for democratic reform inherent in it 롤러코스터 타이쿤 2 한글판? What are the chances and challenges of the political dynamic that unfolded after the change of government? And what kind of entry points can be identified for external players to intervene so as to influence the situation positively 다운로드?

Jawad, P. (2005). Democratic consolidation in Georgia after the” Rose Revolution”?. PRIF Reports No. 73


Niklas Nilsson – The October 2012 Elections and the Role of Democracy in Georgia’s Foreign Policy

This paper explains why democratization has obtained a central role in Georgia’s foreign policy since 2003. The paper’s main argument is that Georgia’s pursuit of integration with the Euro-Atlantic security community and building a strong relationship with the U.S 다운로드. required a strong emphasis on Georgia’s international image as a democratic reformer. The paper also argues that the outcome of Georgia’s parliamentary elections in October 2012 should be understood in this perspective 피싱마스터 다운로드. The fact that the elections were free and fair enough to allow for the opposition’s victory is attributable to the ruling party’s perceived need to maintain Georgia’s international image as a democratic reformer 다운로드.

Nilsson, N. (2013). The October 2012 Elections and the Role of Democracy in Georgia’s Foreign Policy. Swedish Institute of International Affairs, Occasional Papers No 다운로드. 15