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Florian Mühlfried – Celebrating Identities in Post-Soviet Georgia

In the following pages, author intend to investigate further the reasons for and consequences of the »supra-turn« in Georgian culture and politics 다운로드. Accordingly, some contextual knowledge must be elaborated. Author will start by defining the supra and explaining its role in the maintenance of Georgian national identity over the past hundred years 날씨 배경 화면.

Mühlfried, F. (2007). “Celebrating Identities in Post-Soviet Georgia”. In Representations on the Margins of Europe. Politics and Identities in the Baltic and South Caucasian States, ed. by Tsypylma Darieva and Wolfgang Katshuba 다운로드. Frankfurt am Main, New York, 282-300.

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Florian Mühlfried – Banquets, Grant-Eaters and the Red Intelligentsia in Post-Soviet Georgia


In many societies banquets are powerful tools for expressing, attributing and manipulating national identity. Additionally, they often function as social markers of individual passages like birth, baptism and marriage. Banquets are ruled by etiquette and force participants to subordinate to a collective code of behavior. In post-Soviet Georgia, the supra, a highly formalized banquet, is a core element of national culture and a crucial part of both festivities and daily life 다운로드.

Mühlfried, F. (2005). Banquets, Grant-Eaters and the Red Intelligentsia in Post-Soviet Georgia. Central Eurasian Studies Review, 4(1), 16-19 차라리 다운로드.


Florian Muehlfried – Sharing the Same Blood: Culture and Cuisine in the Republic of Georgia

This mainly ethnographic paper takes as its starting point two main questions. Why is the Georgian capital of Tbilisi among the cities with the highest density of restaurants, cafés and bars in the post-Soviet region 캐드 해치 다운로드? And to what extent does the popular taste for overindulgence amount to a form of compensation and escapism? With these questions in mind, I distinguish between three forms of socializing in Tbilisi society, putting each one into context: banqueting, beer-drinking and tea-drinking 매직원. Each of these forms evokes a particular pattern of ritualized behavior and public communication: formalized speech, colloquial speech, irony, flirting, and communicating with the dead 다운로드. Georgian fast and festive foods are both considerably standardized and inscribed in performances of national culture. In diasporical contexts, a specific sauce called tqemali sometimes essentialises national identity 지나오다 mp3 다운로드. Finally, a historical framing illustrates the key role of eating and drinking in the maintenance and shaping of Georgian national identity.

Muehlfried, F 다운로드. (2008). Sharing the same blood–culture and cuisine in the Republic of Georgia. Anthropology of food, (S3) 레드슈즈 자막.


Kevin Tuite – The Autocrat of the Banquet Table: the political and social significance of the Georgian supra


In this article the author raises important questions concerning the cultural, social and political implications of the supra. The Georgian banquet is heavily loaded with political implications, whether or not politics is spoken about at the table 다운로드. Since the supra is such a prominent feature of social life, and furthermore, one that is frequently mentioned as a marker of Georgian or Caucasian identity, authors who write about this ritual necessarily engage with widespread notions of Georgianness, and find themselves – tacitly or explicitly – taking a stance with regard to such politically-loaded issues as gender, labor and consumption 네이버 동영상 편집기.

Tuite, K. (2005). The Autocrat of the Banquet Table: the political and social significance of the Georgian supra. Language, history and cultural identities in the Caucasus, 9 다운로드.


Paul Manning – Socialist Supras and Drinking Democratically: Changing Images of the Georgian Feast and Georgian Society from Socialism to Post-socialism

Under socialism the image of the supra was mobilized for the purposes of articulating the relationship of ‘society’ to the socialist state xhr. This is partially because the supra, which Georgian nationalists like to fantasize as a traditional unchanging ‘everyday life’ opposed at all points to the socialist state, was in fact at every point a major point of articulation of everyday life to an ubiquitous socialist state 다운로드.

Manning, P. (2003). Socialist supras and Drinking Democratically: Changing Images of the Georgian Feast and Georgian Society from Socialism to Post-Socialism 다운로드. Trent University, Unpublished Manuscript.