About project


The project was launched with the help of the faculty of Social and Political Sciences at Tbilisi State University


The online database is intended for collecting academic materials concerning Georgia 다운로드. The objectives are:

  • Building a rich database for anyone interested in order to help them to better understand Georgia’s issue
  • Promoting interest and developing expertise by providing consistent store full of required materials
  • Offering early career researchers opportunity of publishing papers, engaging with audience of colleagues and building up their academic profile

Why it’s different

With the idea of creating open access academic space, Georgica will be unique in its character 다운로드. The focus on academic materials helps it to avoid similarity with web-sites committed in translating world media articles about Georgia.

Basic Principles

The materials in our database will be customized by two main principles: publication types  and issues 다운로드.

The publications are considered to be in public domain, without violating any intellectual property rights. In case of books which are not available in full version, only book reviews will be provided 다운로드. Articles from peer-reviewed academic journals, also important reports and papers from various think tanks related to Georgia’s topic will be represented in two different subcategories, respectively 카카오스토리 동영상 다운로드. Primary sources are official documents with substantial significance, ranging broadly from Treaty of Georgievsk (1783) to the Tagliavini Report (2009) 오션스 다운로드. Must-read articles are occasional commentaries and analyses from world media which are too important to be left out, for example The New Yorker profile of Saakashvili or Robert Kaplan’s article about Georgia’s geopolitics in The Atlantic 자바 ee 다운로드.

In order to facilitate search, materials will be classified into issues, which are divided into further subcategories. To further illustrate the point, “Democracy & State-Building” may include several relevant branches per se, e.g 다운로드. Democracy Promotion, Elections, Human Rights, etc. “Foreign Affairs” could be consisted of Georgia’s Foreign Policy, Relations with Russia, Relations with EU, Security and so on 다운로드. With sustained expanding of database subcategories are likely to increase to keep up with growing number of materials. Each publication could be labeled in more than one category or subcategory 다운로드. Thus, search could be performed by subcategories, publication type, author and year.

Apart from ‘Publications’ and ‘Issues’, ‘Links’ will be created to provide various world media, daily news, think tank and research center pages concentrated on Georgia.

The database will have open submissions policy with regard to the student essays; anyone could submit their paper, thesis or dissertation if it is in line with specific guidelines. Georgica also offers academics/scholars, PhD students, young professionals/practitioners the opportunity to have their own regular blog, preferably writing in areas in which they have direct research insight.

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