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Stephen F. Jones – Soviet Religious Policy and the Georgian Orthodox Apostolic Church: From Khrushchev to Gorbachev

This paper will investigate church-state relations and the church’s internal situation in Georgia from the Khrushchev period onwards 우편 번호 db 다운로드. It will also deal with issues raised in the introduction concerning the changing role of the Georgian Orthodox Church under Gorbachev.

Jones, S gx works2 무료. F. (1989). Soviet religious policy and the Georgian Orthodox apostolic Church: From Khrushchev to Gorbachev. Religion, State and Society: The Keston Journal, 17(4), 292-312 갤럭시 kies.


Paul Crego – Religion and Nationalism in Georgia


The paper describes the process of arrival of an explicit Christian agenda in the politics of Georgia during the dissident period of Zviad Gamsakhurdia and its possible effects on the developments in the country 레노버 노트북 드라이버.

Crego, P. (1994). Religion and nationalism in Georgia. Religion in Eastern Europe14(3), 1-9.


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