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Revaz Gachechiladze – The New Georgia: Space, Society, Politics

After the collapse of the socialist political system that had glued the Soviet Union together, two dozen nations re-emerged on the world stage 다운로드. The New Georgia presents both a broad and an intimate view of society in one of those nations, a country previously best known to the West as the home of the infamous Stalin 다운로드.

Composed by candlelight and typed during short intervals when electricity was available, the book begins with general geographical and historical background of this country, sitting precariously at the political crossroads of eastern Europe and western Asia 다운로드. Part I also includes sections on many aspects of social geography, including population and family dynamics, education, employment, class stratifications, housing, ethnicity, and religion 강남화타.

Part II analyzes the specific issues of a rapidly changing society, including the sudden transition to a market economy, regional variations in welfare, crime and drug abuse, urban-specific problems, and ethnic tensions 다운로드. Despite the maze of problems in post-Soviet Georgia, Gachechiladze concludes hopefully that “Georgia will come closer to the way of development that all progressive countries of the West have 다운로드. . . .

Gachechiladze, R. (1995). The New Georgia: Space, Society, Politics. London: UCL press.

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David Marshall Lang – Lives and Legends of the Georgian Saints

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According to David Marshall Lang, aim in this book is to give readers in the West an impression of the history and ideals of the Georgian Church as revealed in the lives of its saints 어메이징 스파이더맨 2 영화 다운로드.

Lang, D. M. (1976). Lives and Legends of the Georgian Saints. New York: Crestwood.



Stephen H. Rapp Jr. – Georgian Christianity


In many respects early Christian Caucasia constituted a single historical and socio-cultural unit. However, divergent responses to the imperial contest for Caucasia and the processes leading to the establishment of separate Armenian and K‘art‘velian ‘national’ churches ultimately led to a clear religious break, beginning in the early seventh century 다운로드.

Rapp, S. H. (2010). Georgian Christianity. In The Blackwell Companion to Eastern Christianity, edited by Ken Parry, 137-155. Malden, Mass: Wiley-Blackwell 다운로드.



Stephen F. Jones – Soviet Religious Policy and the Georgian Orthodox Apostolic Church: From Khrushchev to Gorbachev

This paper will investigate church-state relations and the church’s internal situation in Georgia from the Khrushchev period onwards 우편 번호 db 다운로드. It will also deal with issues raised in the introduction concerning the changing role of the Georgian Orthodox Church under Gorbachev.

Jones, S gx works2 무료. F. (1989). Soviet religious policy and the Georgian Orthodox apostolic Church: From Khrushchev to Gorbachev. Religion, State and Society: The Keston Journal, 17(4), 292-312 갤럭시 kies.


Stephen F. Jones – The Role of Cultural Paradigms in Georgian Foreign Policy


Four ‘global paradigms’ in Georgian political culture appear to affect or to have affected Georgian foreign policy making. They are religion, attitudes towards the ‘West’, pan-Caucasianism and anti-Russianism, as revealed by evidence from three recently written Georgian national security documents 다운로드. Although the importance of culture in Georgian foreign policy decision making should not be overrated, it has an important place among Georgian political elites in defining their regional and international environment 다운로드.

Jones, S. (2003). The role of cultural paradigms in Georgian foreign policy. Journal of Communist Studies and Transition Politics, 19(3), 83-110

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