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Ronald Grigor Suny – The Making of the Georgian Nation

Like the other republics floating free after the demise of the Soviet empire, the independent republic of Georgia is reinventing its past, recovering what had been forgotten or distorted during the long years of Russian and Soviet rule keynote 무료. Whether Georgia can successfully be transformed from a society rent by conflict into a pluralistic democratic nation will depend on Georgians rethinking their history 하모니 다운로드.

This is the first comprehensive treatment of Georgian history, from the ethnogenesis of the Georgians in the first millennium B.C., through the period of Russian and Soviet rule in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, to the emergence of an independent republic in 1991, the ethnic and civil warfare that has ensued, and perspectives for Georgia’s future 프레임워크 다운로드.

Suny, R. G. (1994). The Making of the Georgian Nation. Indiana University Press.

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Stephen H. Rapp Jr. – Georgian Christianity


In many respects early Christian Caucasia constituted a single historical and socio-cultural unit. However, divergent responses to the imperial contest for Caucasia and the processes leading to the establishment of separate Armenian and K‘art‘velian ‘national’ churches ultimately led to a clear religious break, beginning in the early seventh century 다운로드.

Rapp, S. H. (2010). Georgian Christianity. In The Blackwell Companion to Eastern Christianity, edited by Ken Parry, 137-155. Malden, Mass: Wiley-Blackwell 다운로드.