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George Papuashvili – The 1921 Constitution of the Democratic Republic of Georgia: Looking Back after Ninety Years

The 1921 Constitution can unquestionably be considered as one of the most advanced and perfect supreme legislative acts oriented towards human rights in the world for its time that is, the beginning of the twentieth century.The author argues that it reflects the most progressive legal and political discourse in practice or theory at that time in Western European countries or the USA. As the main law of an independent democratic state, it established representative democracy as well as the system of democratic governance based on popular sovereignty by ensuring an independent judicial system.

Papuashvili, G. (2012). The 1921 Constitution of the Democratic Republic of Georgia: Looking Back after Ninety Years. European Public Law, 18(2), 323-349.


Marina Muskhelishvili – Constitutional Changes in Georgia

Muskhelishvili, M. (2005). Constitutional changes in Georgia. Centre for Social Studies.

What are the parameters that legitimize the state, law and government in 2000s Georgia? What kind of political discourses characterize the regime that is described as “illiberal democracy?” Does constitutional liberalism have any prospects in Georgia? These are the issues that are discussed in light of the constitutional changes in Georgia.


IDEA – Building Democracy in Georgia

As a contribution to promoting sustainable democracy in Georgia and in the wider context in the South
Caucasus region, International IDEA, in partnership with Georgian and regional actors, initiated a programme
of ‘democratic assessment through dialogue’ in Georgia, in autumn 2001.

International Institute for Democracy and Electoral Assistance (2003). Building Democracy in Georgia: Democratization in Georgia.

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