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Paul Manning – Materiality and Cosmology: Old Georgian Churches as Sacred, Sublime, and Secular Objects

Discourses about Georgian churches have since the nineteenth century treated the material quality of ‘ancientness’ associated with existing churches as being among their essential defining properties 다운로드. This paper first explores how different material qualisigns of churches, including oldness and qualisigns attendant on oldness, allow churches to be interpreted as secular objects, by ordering them with theatres (as expressive of ‘civilization’), the natural landscape (expressive of an aesthetics of the sublime) or other monuments, including texts (expressive of culture) 워킹데드 시즌9 9화 다운로드. One result of such discourses is that the contemporary Orthodox Church finds it difficult to have ‘new’ churches accepted as being churches at all 다운로드. These nineteenth-century discourses thus provide a context for the complex and contested reception of old and new Orthodox churches, as well as other religious structures, mountain shrines, having a more ambiguous relation with Orthodoxy 맵피 어둠.

Manning, P. (2008). Materiality and cosmology: Old Georgian churches as sacred, sublime, and secular objects. Ethnos73(3), 327-360 다운로드.

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Paul Manning and Ann Uplisashvili – “Our Beer”: Ethnographic Brands in Postsocialist Georgia

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Although Georgia is known for its wines, industrial production of beer far outstrips industrial wine production for local markets: wine consumption occurs in ritual contexts in which new wine, typically purchased from peasant producers, is preferred; bottled, aged wines are primarily for exports labview 2013. Beer, therefore, is a key area in which industrial production for indigenous consumers has been elaborated. Such goods are packaged and presented as being both ecologically “pure” and following “traditional” methods, often referencing “ethnographic” materials about traditional life in brand images, even as they proclaim their reliance on Western technologies 응급남녀 14회 다운로드.

Manning, P., & Uplisashvili, A. (2007). “Our beer”: ethnographic brands in postsocialist Georgia. American Anthropologist, 109(4), 626-641 다운로드.

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Laura J. Linderman – The Gendered Feast: Experiencing a Georgian Supra

The supra is a traditionalized feast in post-Soviet Georgia characterized by abundant food and ritualized drinking 다운로드. It is extremely common in social life, especially in rural Georgia. Secular rituals, social occasions, national and religious holidays and life cycle transitions are accompanied by the ubiquitous supra 삼성 갤럭시 글꼴 다운로드. The supra has been examined by anthropologists as a site for macro level analyses that put forward structural or cultural theories for the underlying meaning of this ritual-for-all-occasions 다운로드. Women’s experiences of and roles in the supra have often been overlooked or misrepresented in these studies. In this thesis I investigate women’s varied roles at a supra and problematize the idea that the supra demonstrates a model of society, with a paragon of masculinity at the center 다운로드.

Linderman, L. J. (2011). The Gendered Feast: Experiencing a Georgian Supra.Anthropology of East Europe Review29(2), 22-50 ebs 낭독.