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Oliver Reisner – What Can and Should We Learn from Georgian History? Observations of Someone Who Was Trained in the Western Tradition of Science

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Oliver Reisner argues that the potential foundation of national consensus and legitimization of the Georgian state becomes the subject of domestic political dispute which even extends into the classroom 트와일라잇 1 다운로드.

Reisner, O. (1998). What can and should we learn from Georgian history? Observations of someone who was trained in the Western tradition of science. Internationale Schulbuchforschung, 409-424 다운로드.

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Oliver Reisner – Between State and Nation Building: The Debate about ‘Ethnicity’ in Georgian Citizens’ ID Cards

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This is an analysis of a public debate on the ethnicity entry on Georgian citizens’ ID cards that enfolded in the period preceeding the parliamentary elections in autumn 1999 and its relationship to Soviet nationality policy 다운로드.

Reisner, O. (2010). Between State and Nation Building: The Debate about ‘Ethnicity’ in Georgian Citizens’ ID Cards” In: Françoise Companjen, László Marácz, Lia Versteegh (eds.): Exploring the Caucasus in the 21st Century hy 헤드 라인 m. Essays on Culture, History and Politics in a Dynamic Context. Amsterdam: Pallas Publication, 2010, pp. 157-179.

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Oliver Reisner – Georgia and Its New National Movement


In Zurab Avalishvili’s opinion, the politicisation of the Georgian nation at the beginning of the 20th century had not yet progressed very far 일본 드라마 다운로드. Eighty years later, this table seemed to have turned in the new Georgian national movement as, at last, under it own powers or the internal weaknesses of the Soviet state, it has regained independence – at least formally 다운로드.

Reisner, O. (2009). Georgia and its new national movement. Nationalism in Late and Post-Communist Europe, 2, 240-266.