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Oliver Reisner – What Can and Should We Learn from Georgian History? Observations of Someone Who Was Trained in the Western Tradition of Science

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Oliver Reisner argues that the potential foundation of national consensus and legitimization of the Georgian state becomes the subject of domestic political dispute which even extends into the classroom 트와일라잇 1 다운로드.

Reisner, O. (1998). What can and should we learn from Georgian history? Observations of someone who was trained in the Western tradition of science. Internationale Schulbuchforschung, 409-424 다운로드.

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Kevin Tuite – The Rise and Fall and Revival of the Ibero-Caucasian Hypothesis

The hypothesis that the three indigenous Caucasian language stocks (Abkhaz-Adyghean, Nakh-Daghestanian, and Kartvelian) are genetically related has little support at the present day among linguists specializing in these languages 한글 파일 다운로드. Nonetheless, the so-called ‘Ibero-Caucasian’ hypothesis had strong institutional backing in Soviet Caucasology, especially in Georgia, and continues to be invoked in certain contemporary discourses of a political and identitarian nature 악인 전 다운로드. In this paper the history of the Ibero-Caucasian hypothesis will be presented against the background of research into the autochthonous languages of the North and South Caucasus, and also in connection with the historiographic debate over the relation of Abkhazia to Georgia

Tuite, K 오피스 365 proplus 다운로드. (2008). The rise and fall and revival of the Ibero-Caucasian hypothesis. Historiographia Linguistica, 35(1-2), 23-82.


Michael Tsereteli – The Asianic (Asia Minor) Elements in National Georgian Paganism

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In this 1935 article, Michael Tsereteli examines the information preserved by the old Georgian authors concerning Georgian paganism which was misunderstood by the earlier scholars, and shows that this information points to quite different elements in Georgian pagan religion than it was formerly thought 그레이브 인카운터2.

Tseretheli, M. (1935). The Asianic (Asia Minor) Elements in National Georgian Paganism. Georgica: A Journal of Georgian and Caucasian Studies, I, 1, 28-66 바이두 apk.

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