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Patrick Messerlin, Michael Emerson, Gia Jandieri & Alexandre Le Vernoy – An Appraisal of the EU’s Trade Policy towards its Eastern Neighbours: The Case of Georgia

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This study assesses the present state of the EU-Georgia discussions on a free trade agreement and finds there is an urgent need for the European Commission to reshape its approach 가는 으뜸체. To this end, the authors put forward concrete proposals that should be set in motion well before the autumn 2011 Eastern Partnership Summit.

Messerlin, P., Emerson, M., Jandieri, G., & Le Vernoy, A 윈도우 7 8.1 10 다운로드. (2011). An Appraisal of the EU’s Trade Policy towards its Eastern Neighbours: The Case of Georgia. CEPS Paperbacks. March 2011.


Hoe Yeong Loke – Of Neighbours, Partners and EU Aspirants: the Case of EU-Georgia Relations since the 2003 Rose Revolution

This background brief examines the relations between the EU and its eastern neighbours through a case study of Georgia. The EU – Georgia relationship is fraught with asymmetric expectations – Georgia has been more than won over as part of the EU’s ‘ring of friends’, evident in how its leaders and people have expressed a desire to join the EU 다운로드. However there is currently little if any reciprocal desire on the EU’s part, and understandably so, given the persistence of Georgia’s territorial conflicts 다운로드.

Loke, H. Y. (2011). Of neighbours, partners and EU aspirants: the case of EU-Georgia relations since the 2003 Rose Revolution 다운로드. EU Centre Background Brief No. 5, September 2011.


Kakha Gogolashvili – The EU and Georgia: The Choice is in the Context


This paper analyzes the relationship between the EU and Georgia. It gives policy recommendations for what should be done within the framework of the European Neighbourhood Policy (ENP) and the recently established Eastern Partnership (EaP) 이패스코리아 다운로드.

Gogolashvili, K. (2009). The EU and Georgia: The Choice is in the Context. Europe in Dialogue, 01, 90-127.



Svante Cornell – Getting Georgia Right

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This research paper analyses the achievements and shortcomings of the Rose Revolution era as well as the prospects for the country under the leadership of the Georgian Dream Coalition 아이폰 텍스트 파일 다운로드. Furthermore, it discusses the influence of Russia on Georgia’s development on the path of European integration and democracy-building.

Cornell, S 스윙브라우저 다운로드. (2013). Getting Georgia Right. Center for European Studies, Brussels


ECORYS & CASE – Trade Sustainability Impact Assessment In Support of Negotiations of a DCFTA between the EU and Georgia and the Republic of Moldova

In the context of the European Neighborhood Policy, Georgia and Moldova are in the process of negotiating an Association Agreement (AA) with the EU to replace the current Partnership and Co-operation Agreement (PCA) 전화번호 유심 다운로드. A Deep and Comprehensive Free Trade Agreement (DCFTA), underpinned by regulatory approximation, will be part of this AA. This study supports the negotiation process by analyzing how the trade and trade-related provisions of the DCFTA will affect economic, social and environmental developments in Georgia and Moldova, as well as in the EU 다운로드.

European Commission (2012). Trade Sustainability Impact Assessment in support of negotiations of a DCFTA between the EU and Georgia and the Republic of Moldova 다운로드. ECORYS-CASE, Rotterdam