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Christopher Berglund – Georgia between Dominant-Power Politics, Feckless Pluralism, and Democracy


This article charts the last decade of Georgian politics (2003-2013) through theories of semi-authoritarianism and democratization. The last section examines if thenew ruling party is taking Georgia in the direction ofdemocratic reforms or authoritarian closure 다운로드.

Berglund, C. (2014). Georgia between Dominant-Power Politics, Feckless Pluralism, and Democracy. Demokratizatsiya: The Journal of Post-Soviet Democratization, 22(3), 445-470 다운로드.

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Kornely Kakachia and Michael Cecire (eds.) – Georgia’s Foreign Policy: The Quest for Sustainable Security

This book examines some of Georgia’s most important foreign policy issues and partnerships. It also allows the reader to compare different issues and topics, developments,trends and scenarios and their impacts on Georgia’s evolving foreign policy context 마인크래프트 0 10 4 apk. This publication offers chronological accounts of Georgian foreign policy along with explorations of identity and ethnicity’s roles in framing foreign relations 다운로드. This volume also considers Georgia’s integration processes into the Euro-Atlantic space as well as relations with its neighbors and partners: the U.S., Russia, Ukraine, Turkey, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Iran, and the Baltic States 다운로드.

Kakachia, K., & Cecire, M. (Eds). (2013). Georgia’s Foreign Policy: The Quest for Sustainable Security. Tbilisi, Konrad Adenauer Stiftung 다운로드.


Charles H. Fairbanks, Jr. and Alexi Gugushvili – A New Chance for Georgian Democracy


Something amazing happened in Georgia’s 1 October 2012 parliamentary elections. Georgia is lucky to be getting a fourth chance at democracy, after the opportunities under Zviad Gamsakhurdia (1990–92), Eduard Shevardnadze (1992–2003), and Saakashvili faded 이클립스 루나 다운로드. But this chance remains a fragile one.

Fairbanks Jr, C. H., & Gugushvili, A. (2013). A New Chance for Georgian Democracy. Journal of Democracy, 24(1), 116-127 파이널 판타지 7 다운로드.


Svante Cornell – Getting Georgia Right

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This research paper analyses the achievements and shortcomings of the Rose Revolution era as well as the prospects for the country under the leadership of the Georgian Dream Coalition 아이폰 텍스트 파일 다운로드. Furthermore, it discusses the influence of Russia on Georgia’s development on the path of European integration and democracy-building.

Cornell, S 스윙브라우저 다운로드. (2013). Getting Georgia Right. Center for European Studies, Brussels