Hoe Yeong Loke – Of Neighbours, Partners and EU Aspirants: the Case of EU-Georgia Relations since the 2003 Rose Revolution

This background brief examines the relations between the EU and its eastern neighbours through a case study of Georgia. The EU – Georgia relationship is fraught with asymmetric expectations – Georgia has been more than won over as part of the EU’s ‘ring of friends’, evident in how its leaders and people have expressed a desire to join the EU 다운로드. However there is currently little if any reciprocal desire on the EU’s part, and understandably so, given the persistence of Georgia’s territorial conflicts 다운로드.

Loke, H. Y. (2011). Of neighbours, partners and EU aspirants: the case of EU-Georgia relations since the 2003 Rose Revolution 다운로드. EU Centre Background Brief No. 5, September 2011.


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