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David S. Siroky and David Aphrasidze – Guns, Roses and Democratization: Huntington’s Secret Admirer in the Caucasus

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Georgia is the most democratic country in the Caucasus, but arguably its democratization has also been riddled by Huntingtonian developmental crises, resulting in ethnic conflicts and civil wars. Authors argue that variation in the type of political instability is best understood by focusing on the interaction between nationalism and political institutionalization rather than on their independent effects 극한 영화.

Siroky, D. S., & Aprasidze, D. (2011). Guns, roses and democratization: Huntington’s secret admirer in the Caucasus. Democratization, 18(6), 1227-1245 다운로드.


David Siroky & Valeriy Dzutsev – Rational or Reckless? Georgia’s Zugzwang in the Caucasus


Although the 2008 Russian-Georgian war was a military defeat for Georgia, it has only reinforced Georgia’s westward trajectory. One noteworthy difference from Georgia’s pre-war policy is a new regional strategy – the North Caucasus Initiative – that seeks to create a soft power alternative to Russia’s military dominance in the region 다운로드. This approach is rational rather than reckless, as some critics have claimed. It represents a carefully calculated strategy that is already benefiting Georgia and from which all concerned parties, including Russia, stand to gain 다운로드.

Siroky, D. S., & Dzutsev, V. (2012). Rational or reckless? Georgia’s zugzwang in the Caucasus. Nationalities Papers, 40(3), 303-314 다운로드.


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David Aphrasidze & David Siroky – Frozen Transitions and Unfrozen Conflicts, Or What Went Wrong in Georgia?


This article analyzes the dynamics of development, democracy, and conflict in Georgia, focusing on variation in state capacity, political institutions and varieties of nationalism 카 1 더빙 다운로드. It illustrates the relevance of Huntington’s discussion of political order in changing societies and points to the increased likelihood of instability in the absence of entrenched institutional mechanisms 다운로드.

Aphrasidze, D., & Siroky, D. (2010). Frozen Transitions and Unfrozen Conflicts, or What went Wrong in Georgia. Yale Journal of International Affairs5, 121


Giorgi Gvalia, David Siroky, Bidzina Lebanidze & Zurab Iashvili – Thinking Outside the Bloc: Explaining the Foreign Policies of Small States

What explains change and continuity in the foreign policy behavior of small states? The standard emphasis is made on external and international factors with the conclusion that small states are more likely to bandwagon with threatening great powers than to balance against them 다운로드. Contrary to this approach, this article suggests that state- and individual-level variables can play a greater role in explaining the foreign policy behavior of small states and that small states sometimes choose to balance rather than bandwagon, especially when elite ideology is deeply embedded in formulating foreign policy 007 스펙터.

Gvalia, G., Siroky, D., Lebanidze, B., & Iashvili, Z. (2013). Thinking Outside the Bloc: Explaining the Foreign Policies of Small States 웹페이지 파일 일괄 다운로드. Security Studies, 22(1), 98-131.