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Ariel Cohen – Shevardnadze’s Journey

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Ariel Cohen discusses the political career of former Georgian President Eduard Shevardnadze. Shevardnadze, 76, has been a young communist apparatchik, a Soviet party boss, a foreign minister of perestroika, and president of independent Georgia 다운로드. He is now a retired president, who has once played a key role in managing the demise of the Soviet Union and bringing about the end of the Cold War.

Cohen, A 커널 소스 다운로드. (2004). Shevardnadze’s Journey. Policy Review-Washington, 75-86.


Zaza Shatirishvili – The Montage of Tbilisi Culture

Tbilisi culture is not Georgian culture. Georgian culture is based on literature; it translates badly into prose, for its most important genre is poetry 다운로드. Tbilisi culture, on the other hand, is playful, carnavalesque, based on the montage, and cinematographic. The author reviews the works of important movie and theatre directors and describes how Tbilisi culture is translated into modern mediums of art 그래 그런거야.

Shatirishvili, Z. (2006). The Montage of Tbilisi Culture. Film International, No 다운로드. 23, 48-51.

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Zaza Shatirishvili – “Old” Intelligentsia and “New” Intellectuals: The Georgian Experience

인터넷 주소 동영상 다운로드

Zaza Shatirishvili takes stock of the differences and similarities between two generations of Georgian intellectuals: Old nomenclatura versus the new scholars who dominate the growing non-governmental sector 도화의 저택 다운로드.

Shatirishvili, Z. (2003, 06 26). “Old” Intelligentsia and “New” Intellectuals: The Georgian Experience. Eurozine 다운로드.


Simon Sebag Montefiore – Shevardnadze Was Respected – But Never Loved – by Georgians


In this article well-known historian Simon Sebag Montefiore assesses Eduard Shevardnadze’s past political life and future legacy.

Montefiore, S 인스타 댓글 다운로드. (2003). Shevardnadze was respected – but never loved – by Georgians. The Telegraph 내 이야기 영화.