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Stephen F. Jones (ed.) – War and Revolution in the Caucasus: Georgia Ablaze

The South Caucasus has traditionally been a playground of contesting empires 텐센트 카트라이더 다운로드. This region, on the edge of Europe, is associated in Western minds with ethnic conflict and geopolitical struggles in August 2008. Yet, another war broke out in this distant European periphery as Russia and Georgia clashed over the secessionist territory of South Ossetia 다운로드. The war had global ramifications culminating in deepening tensions between Russia on the one hand, and Europe and the USA on the other. Speculation on the causes and consequences of the war focused on Great Power rivalries and a new Great Game, on oil pipeline routes, and Russian imperial aspirations Gangstar 4 download.

This book takes a different tack which focuses on the domestic roots of the August 2008 war. Collectively the authors in this volume present a new multidimensional context for the war 다운로드. They analyse historical relations between national minorities in the region, look at the link between democratic development, state-building, and war, and explore the role of leadership and public opinion 비정상회담 5회. Digging beneath often simplistic geopolitical explanations, the authors give the national minorities and Georgians themselves, the voice that is often forgotten by Western analysts 다운로드.

This book was based on a special issue of  Central Asian Survey.

Jones, S 다운로드. F. (Ed.) (2011). War and Revolution in the Caucasus: Georgia Ablaze. London: Routledge.

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Vicken Cheterian – Georgia’s Rose Revolution: Change or Repetition? Tension between State-Building and Modernization Projects

This paper develops the specificity of the Georgian situation and make the case that what is happening in Georgia seems to be closer to the classic examples of revolutions than the stalemate in Serbia, Ukraine, or Kyrgyzstan 다운로드. Author argues that the Rose Revolution was a political revolution similar to the other Colour Revolutions, yet it distinguishes itself by not stopping with the overthrow of the old regime and a project to reform the state but continuing to push for change of the elite in power by pushing for radical social-economic reforms 컴퍼니오브히어로즈 다운로드.

Cheterian, V. (2008). Georgia’s Rose Revolution: Change or Repetition? Tension between State-Building and Modernization Projects. Nationalities papers, 36(4), 689-712 spoqa han sans.

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