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Mihai Gribincea – The Russian Policy on Military Bases: Georgia and Moldova

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The author Mihai Gribincea discusses the Russian military bases in the countries of former USSR, but focuses mostly on two cases: Moldova and Georgia 음성 번역 다운로드. The book gives insight why the bases are unacceptable to the governments in Chisinau and Tbilisi. The focus on the Russian military bases also serves for the analysis of the Russian military policy in the so-called “Near Abroad” 다운로드.

Gribincea, M. (2001). The Russian policy on military bases: Georgia and Moldova. Editura Cogito.


Archil Gegeshidze – Georgia: In Quest of a Niche Strategy

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In this paper, Archil Gegeshidze emphasizes that after two inflamed ethnic conflicts and a bitter confrontation within Georgian society in the 1990’s, the most difficult question the country is facing is whether Georgia has the vision and resources to secure peace and stability. The restoration of territorial integrity and the elimination of corruption, as well as the consolidation of the Western orientation of foreign policy, are three absolutely important elements of the much-needed vision, argues the author 불꽃의 점심시간.

Gegeshidze, A. (2002). Georgia: In Quest of a Niche Strategy. Connections: The Quarterly Journal, 1(3), 3-12.



Jaba Devdariani & Blanka Hancilova – Georgia’s Pankisi Gorge: Russian, US, and European Connections

The first part of this CEPS policy brief provides background information on the Pankisi Gorge, analyses the weakness of the Georgian armed forces, the motives and details of US-Georgian security assistance and the Russian response to the enhanced American involvement 공허의 유산 ost. The final section of this paper analyses European Union policies in Georgia in the framework of its antiterrorism agenda and its cooperation with the OSCE in Georgia 다운로드. The paper concludes in identifying the role of the Pankisi issue in the context of European Union policies, and includes some policy recommendations concerning future EU policies towards Georgia 보내기.

Devdariani, J., & Hancilova, B. (2002). Georgia’s Pankisi Gorge: Russian, US, and European Connections. Center for European Policy Studies (CEPS) Policy Brief No, 23, 1-14 캐딜락 게임 다운로드.


Janusz Bugajski – Georgian Lessons: Conflicting Russian and Western Interests in the Wider Europe


This volume places the Russo-Georgian conflict in the context of Russia’s broader objectives, the country’s internal weaknesses, the limitations of EU and NATO policies, and America’s security priorities 다운로드. It also offers recommendations on how the transatlantic alliance can more effectively handle Russian ambitions and prepare itself to deter or manage future crises 다운로드.

Bugajski, J. (2010). Georgian Lessons: Conflicting Russian and Western Interests in the Wider Europe. CSIS.


Aurel Braun – NATO and Russia: Post-Georgia Threat Perceptions

The 2008 war in Georgia is but a milestone on the downward curve in NATO-Russia relations, one that has been characterized by misunderstandings, misplaced expectations and missed opportunities Apple download. This is not a new Cold War, but there is an obvious need for new ideas rather than repackaged old ones. NATO has to be sensitive to genuine Russian security concerns, and the latter should appreciate that manipulation, intimidation and attempts at dividing the Alliance are not shortcuts to superpower restoration 아래한글 뷰어 2010 다운로드. There is ample room for cooperation if the right lessons are learned, the gap between rhetoric and reality is reduced, and policies are governed by patience and pragmatism 다운로드.

Braun, A. (2009). NATO and Russia: Post-Georgia Threat Perceptions. IFRI, Russie. Nei. Visions, 40.