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Theodore P. Gerber and Karine Torosyan – Remittances in Georgia:  Correlates, Economic Impact, and Social Capital Formation

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Authors examine migrant-level, household-level, and contextual variables associated with the probability that a Georgian household receives remittances. The impact of remittances is especially pronounced in urban settings, less so in rural areas 바코드 128. Article also finds evidence for an aspect of remittances that has not been previously identified: they foster the formation of social capital because they increase the amount of money that households give as gifts to other households 다운로드.

Gerber, T. P., & Torosyan, K. (2010). Remittances in Georgia: Correlates, Economic Impact and Social Capital Transformation. Tbilisi State University, ISET Working Paper, No 다운로드. 002-10.



Alexi Gugushvili – The Development and the Side Effects of Remittances in the CIS Countries and Georgia: The Case of Georgia


The volume of remittances in Georgia has been growing every year since 2001, but so has the size of the economy. Remittances arguably create moral hazard, at the public level, as the elderly and the poorest are less likely to be remittance recipients 다운로드. This coincides with the social policies implemented, 2004-2012 , when the increase of old-age pensions and the introduction of targeted social assistance became a priority for the government 페메 동영상 다운로드.

Gugushvili, A. (2013). The Development and the Side Effects of Remittances in the CIS Countries: the Case of Georgia. European University Institute, CARIM-East Research Report 2012/02 네이버 영한사전.