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Kakha Gogolashvili – The EU and Georgia: The Choice is in the Context


This paper analyzes the relationship between the EU and Georgia. It gives policy recommendations for what should be done within the framework of the European Neighbourhood Policy (ENP) and the recently established Eastern Partnership (EaP) 이패스코리아 다운로드.

Gogolashvili, K. (2009). The EU and Georgia: The Choice is in the Context. Europe in Dialogue, 01, 90-127.



Archil Gegeshidze – Georgia in the Wider Europe Context: Bridging Divergent Interpretations

This paper analyzes Georgia’s Europeanization prospects within the context of the ENP. The purpose of this analysis is to formulate a coherent vision of Georgia’s future role and place in enlarging Europe 다운로드. The main hypothesis that is being tested is as follows: Georgia’s participation in the ENP is viewed differently in Brussels and Tbilisi and the divergence of interpretations of this process challenges the ENP’s objectives vis-à-vis Georgia 다운로드.

Gegeshidze, A. (2005). Georgia in the wider Europe context: Bridging divergent interpretations. Center for Policy Studies. Central European University 다운로드.


Salome Minesashvili – How European Are We? Explaining Georgia’s Westward Aspiration

Based on the analysis of public attitudes in Georgia through opinion polls, this paper argues that although Georgian society shares the official westward aspiration, when scrutinized deeply Georgian attitudes are less compatible with some basic “European” values such as tolerance towards minorities, interpersonal trust, gender equality and elite challenging activities 다운로드. Weakness of the value orientation raises a question about validity of approach discussing Georgia’s genuine Westward aspiration from the cultural perspective 다운로드.

Minesashvili, S. (2013). How European Are We? Explaining Georgia’s Westward Aspiration 샌드 박스 다운로드. Foreign Policy & Security Programme, Center for Social Sciences


Svante Cornell – Getting Georgia Right

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This research paper analyses the achievements and shortcomings of the Rose Revolution era as well as the prospects for the country under the leadership of the Georgian Dream Coalition 아이폰 텍스트 파일 다운로드. Furthermore, it discusses the influence of Russia on Georgia’s development on the path of European integration and democracy-building.

Cornell, S 스윙브라우저 다운로드. (2013). Getting Georgia Right. Center for European Studies, Brussels


Kornely Kakachia – Georgia: Identity, Foreign Policy and the Politics of a “Euro-Atlantic Orientation”

크림슨 에디터 다운로드

This policy brief examines Georgia’s foreign policy orientation and the role of identity politics, and attempts to identify the key causes and motivations pushing Tbilisi towards European integration 러브콘서트 더무비 다운로드.

Kakachia, K. (2013). Georgia: identity, foreign policy and the politics of a “Euro-Atlantic orientation”. The Norwegian Peacebuilding Resource Centre (NOREF)