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Jonathan Cohen (Ed.) – A Question of Sovereignty: The Georgia-Abkhazia Peace Process

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This publication explores the background and issues at the heart of the Georgia–Abkhazia conflict – the Abkhaz demand for sovereignty and why Georgia refuses to grant it. It offers an insight into a political stalemate. Writers from Georgia and Abkhazia analyse the obstacles to peace and opportunities in the negotiations process 숀리의 남자몸 만들기 다운로드. International authors examine interventions by the United Nations and the Russian Federation, along with civil society peace initiatives. It also contains key texts including agreements, statements and records of Georgian-Abkhaz meetings, profiles of the main actors involved and a chronology coverity 다운로드.

Cohen, J. (Ed.). (1999). A question of sovereignty. The Georgia-Abkhazia Peace Process (Accord Issue 7), London.


George Khelashvili – Georgian Perceptions of the North Caucasus and of US-Russian Relations

The main argument of this paper is that neither the Georgian nor Russian government has changed its position in the conflict or its underlying assumptions about regional politics — this situation sets the “frozen” conflict on an unavoidable collision course over the next few years 다운로드. This danger is also due to a certain angle entertained by the current Georgian leadership in its confrontation with Russia as a response to the obvious power asymmetry between the two countries 스나이퍼 엘리트 다운로드. First, the Georgian government cautiously sought to undermine Russia’s authority in the North Caucasus. Second, Saakashvili apparently tried to re-open the rift in US-Russian relations in order to capitalize on the two great powers’ differences 다운로드. This paper examines underlying assumptions and possible implications of these two approaches.

Khelashvili, G. (2011). Georgian Perceptions of the North Caucasus and of U.S.-Russian Relations 다운로드. PONARS Eurasia Memo 148


Bruno Coppieters and Robert Legvold – Statehood and Security: Georgia after the Rose Revolution

This is the first book to explore the deep and complex security challenges facing Georgia before and after the dramatic revolution of November 2003 다운로드. It brings together Georgian and non-Georgian authors who look at the many different sides of the challenges Georgia faces—from territorial conflicts within the country to tensions beyond Georgia’s borders, including the long, troubled relationship with Russia 유튜브 f12 다운로드.

Coppieters, B., & Legvold, R. (2005, October). Statehood and security: Georgia after the Rose Revolution. American Academy of Arts and Sciences ms project 무료.

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Laurence Broers – Who are the Mingrelians? Language, Identity and Politics in Western Georgia

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This paper deals with the case of the Mingrelians, a group inhabiting the western province of Mingrelia in Georgia, and formerly also part of the disputed territory of Abkhazia 다운로드. The author seeks to identify the different sources constituting a Mingrelian identity and the different frames of reference to which they apply. Secondly the paper will present a survey of the different modern attempts to construct Mingrelian identity, and analyse their approach in relation to the sources of identity available 사다리타기 다운로드.

Broers, Laurence. “Who are the Mingrelians? Language, Identity and Politics in Western Georgia.” 6. Annual Convention of the Association for the Study of Nationalities 다운로드. 2001.


Nicu Popescu – Europe’s Unrecognised Neighbours: The EU in Abkhazia and South Ossetia

The EU can do little to achieve its policy objectives in its Eastern neighbourhood without facing the issue of secessionist conflicts 다운로드. This paper deals with EU policy towards Georgia and the secessionist regions of Abkhazia and South Ossetia. It discusses the reasons for and constraints on EU policies, their effects and perception in the secessionist entities 다운로드. The paper concludes with recommendations on how the EU can contribute to conflict resolution in Georgia through a greater inclusion of the conflict regions into the European Neighbourhood Policy 다운로드.

Popescu, N. (2007). Europe’s Unrecognised Neighbours: The EU in Abkhazia and South Ossetia (No. 260). CEPS.