Bruno Coppieters – The EU and Georgia: Time Perspectives in Conflict Resolution

The EU to coordinates closely with Georgia on its policies for conflict resolution in the breakaway entities of Abkhazia and South Ossetia 다운로드. Brussels and Tbilisi do not share the same time perspective, however. The difference between the Georgian and EU approaches to the question of timing in their conflict resolution policies has far-reaching consequences for their mutual relations 스타워즈 깨어난 포스 다운로드. The EU fears that Georgian impatience may be one of the factors leading to an escalation of the conflicts to a violent and unmanageable level. Georgia, on the other hand, fears that too much patience and moderation on the EU side may cause the conflicts to be sustained indefinitely 영웅 서기 5 apk 다운로드. This paper argues that the EU supports Georgia’s efforts to restore its territorial integrity, without sharing its lack of differentiation between conflict resolution objectives and its views on the timetable for their realisation 다운로드.

Coppieters, B. (2007). The EU and Georgia: time perspectives in conflict resolution. European Union Institute for Security Studies 닥터스 17회 다운로드.


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