Cory Welt – Political Change and Border Security Reform in Eurasia: the Case of Georgia

This article presents four challenges to promoting border security in post-Soviet Eurasia. The analysis is drawn from the specific example of Georgia – a major recipient of U.S jsp 테이블 엑셀. border security assistance and the site of several intercepted efforts of radioactive materials trafficking – but it is relevant to other states in the region, as well 다운로드. The challenges assessed are: (1) the gradual nature of border regime reform, (2) trade-offs that subordinate border reform to other developmental priorities, (3) bureaucratic inertia and politics, and (4) the continued existence of unrecognized territories that lie beyond the reach of the state and of international law 다운로드.

Welt, C. (2005). Political Change and Border Security Reform in Eurasia: the Case of Georgia. Nonproliferation Review, 12(3), 503-537 다운로드.


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