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Timothy K. Blauvelt – Endurance of the Soviet Imperial Tongue: The Russian Language in Contemporary Georgia

This article will examine the role of the Russian language on the periphery of the post-Soviet space by using multiple sources of data, including original matched-guise experiments, to examine the language situation in contemporary Georgia 다운로드. This is one of the former Soviet republics in which the use of the titular language was most intensively institutionalized and that most ardently resisted Russification, and one that today for various reasons is most eager to escape the legacy of its Soviet past and to embed itself in the global community 다운로드. In Georgia the cultural and political influence of the former imperial centre has been greatly reduced, and Russian has been challenged in functional roles by the new international lingua franca of English 다운로드. The direction that the Russian language takes in a place like Georgia may be a useful bellwether for such transformations elsewhere in the post-Soviet periphery 다운로드.

Blauvelt, T. K. (2013). Endurance of the Soviet imperial tongue: the Russian language in contemporary Georgia. Central Asian Survey,  1-21 크롬 텀블러 다운로드.