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Tata Chanturidze, Tako Ugulava, Antonio Durán, Tim Ensor and Erica Richardson – Georgia: Health System Review


This report chiefly focuses on developments after the Rose Revolution in 2003, which brought fundamental change to the role of government in providing, financing and managing public services, including health care. Nearly all health care providers are private actors, independent of the state 보건증 양식.

Chanturidze, T., Ugulava, T., Durán, A., Ensor, T., & Richardson, E. (2009). Georgia health system review. Health Systems in Transition, 11(8) 다운로드.


David Gzirishvili – Independent Georgia – Health and Social Protection Systems

유튜브 직캠 다운로드

During 20 years of independence, Georgia has tried to build two completely opposite systems of health care and social protection out of the ruins of the system inherited from soviet times (what was in line with a general direction of state development). None of the systems merged naturally with government, market or social institutions 내 트위터 데이터.

Gzirishvili, D. (2012). Independent Georgia – Health and Social Protection Systems. Tbilisi, Open Society Georgia Foundation (OSGF) 체인지가이 다운로드.


Kate Schecter – The Privatization of the Georgian Healthcare System


This article examines the dramatic changes that have occurred in Georgian healthcare since the Rose Revolution of 2003. What were the motives for the abrupt privatization of the Georgian economy, including the healthcare sector 다운로드?

Schecter, K. (2011). The privatization of the Georgian healthcare system. Anthropology of East Europe Review, 29(1), 16-22.



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