Svante Cornell – Georgia After the Rose Revolution: Geopolitical Predicament and Implications for U.S. Policy

This monograph outlines the possibilities for conflict in the Caucasian region and the qualities that make it a strategically important one, not only for Washington and Moscow, but also increasingly for Europe 다운로드. Cornell argues that the United States needs to develop a coherent and proactive rather than reactive policy toward the region. This must first include a reassessment of relations with Russia 다운로드. Moreover, a strategic approach to Georgia should include continued support for Georgia’s reforms; increased support for the internationalization of the peacekeeping and negotiation structures in Georgia’s conflicts; and measures to support increased trade relations with Georgia to provide for alternative markets 알라딘 ebook 다운로드.

Cornell, S. (2007). Georgia After the Rose Revolution. Geopolitical Predicament and Implications for U.S. Policy. Carlisle, PA: Strategic Studies Institute, U.S 다운로드. Army War College.



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