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Stephen F. Jones – Georgia: A Political History Since Independence

Georgia emerged from the fall of the Soviet empire in 1991 with the promise of swift economic and democratic reform 정진철 다운로드. But that promise remains unfulfilled. Economic collapse, secessionist challenges, civil war and the failure to escape the legacy of Soviet rule – culminating in the 2008 war with Russia – characterise a two-decade struggle to establish democratic institutions and consolidate statehood 다운로드. Here, Stephen Jones critically analyses Georgia’s recent political and economic development, illustrating what its ‘transition’ has meant, not just for the state, but for its citizens as well 다운로드. An authoritative and commanding exploration of Georgia since independence, this is essential for those interested in the post-Soviet world.

“Written by one of the world’s preeminent scholars of Georgia, this book is an essential volume of the field 삼국지6pk 다운로드. Stephen Jones has written an urgent analytical critique of Georgia’s current political and economic condition that is sensitive to cultural differences, knowledgeable, heartfelt and honest 다운로드. The scope and depth of the work make it critical for academics and policy makers, as well as anyone who has a general interest in this small but interesting – and geopolitically crucial – country.”
Dr Julie George, Associate Professor of Political Science, CUNY

Jones, S 다운로드. (2012). Georgia: A Political History Since Independence. London, England: I.B. Tauris & Co Ltd

Available at Amazon; Review (The Economist)