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Francesco Bagnardi – The Changing Pattern of Social Dialogue in Europe and the Influence of ILO and EU in Georgian Tripartism

카드캡터체리 오프닝 다운로드

This paper aims to analyse the establishment of tripartite social dialogue practices at national level in the Republic of Georgia. The introduction of such practice is the result of European Union’s political pressures, International Labour Organization’s technical assistance and international trade unions confederations’ (namely the ETUC and the ITUC) support 다운로드. The paper pays particular attention to the pressure, leverage and technical help provided by the aforementioned international actors in this process 아이패드 카카오톡 다운로드. Moreover, the research illustrates the main achievements and failures of tripartitism in Georgia, as well as the principal constraints that limit the effectiveness of this practice 겨울왕국 열기.

Bagnardi, F. (2015). The changing pattern of Social Dialogue in Europe and the influence of ILO and EU in Georgian tripartism. CAUCASUS SOCIAL SCIENCE REVIEW (CSSR), 2(1) 다운로드.


Dimitri Gugushvili – The New Welfare Agenda: Missing the Most Vulnerable Once Again?

In this paper author projects the possible impact of increased social transfers on poverty by using data from the Integrated Household Survey, carried out by Geostat 커비 2 다운로드. It is argued that while increased transfers will considerably reduce poverty, a third of poor families will see no improvement as at present they are excluded from the social protection system 손오순 고도리 다운로드.

Gugushvili, D. (2013). The new welfare agenda – missing the most vulnerable once again?. Center for Social Sciences, Applied Social Research Programme 다운로드.


Lela Rekhviashvili – Development and the role of the state; Visions of post-revolutionary Georgian government

The current research asks what was the developmental trajectory communicated by the Georgian government since 2003 to domestic and international audiences 다운로드? What kind of role did the Georgian government project in social and economic development? The paper looks at the evolution of the political narrative of development in Georgia throughout the years of 2004-2012 서든 어택 월핵 다운로드.

Rekhviashvili, L. (2013). Development and the role of the state; Visions of post-revolutionary Georgian government. Caucasus Social Science Review (CSSR), 1(1) Fotonica download.