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Philipp H. Fluri and Eden Cole (eds.) – From Revolution to Reform: Georgia’s Struggle with Democratic Institution Building and Security Sector Reform

This paper examines the situation in Georgia following the “Rose Revolution” of 2003. The authors analyze the country in terms of its security sector governance and evaluate the successes and failures of the foreign forces stationed in Georgia 다운로드. They further examine the role of civil society, the media, and the local elites, and explore several reform efforts, particularly in the Georgian security sector 슈퍼맨 리턴즈 다운로드.

Fluri, P. H., & Cole, E. (2005). From revolution to reform: Georgia’s struggle with democratic institution building and security sector reform. Austrian National Defense Academy and Bureau for Security Policy 다운로드.


Kornely Kakachia and Michael Cecire (eds.) – Georgia’s Foreign Policy: The Quest for Sustainable Security

This book examines some of Georgia’s most important foreign policy issues and partnerships. It also allows the reader to compare different issues and topics, developments,trends and scenarios and their impacts on Georgia’s evolving foreign policy context 마인크래프트 0 10 4 apk. This publication offers chronological accounts of Georgian foreign policy along with explorations of identity and ethnicity’s roles in framing foreign relations 다운로드. This volume also considers Georgia’s integration processes into the Euro-Atlantic space as well as relations with its neighbors and partners: the U.S., Russia, Ukraine, Turkey, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Iran, and the Baltic States 다운로드.

Kakachia, K., & Cecire, M. (Eds). (2013). Georgia’s Foreign Policy: The Quest for Sustainable Security. Tbilisi, Konrad Adenauer Stiftung 다운로드.


The South Caucasus 2018: Facts, Trends, Future Scenarios


Models of economic and social developments, scenarios for domestic politics, the role of EU engagement and the possible Europeanization of national policies as well as outlooks for cooperation in the energy sector – articles of the collection cover not all but the most relevant topics in the South Caucasus of today and years to come 다운로드.

The South Caucasus 2018: Facts, Trends, Future Scenarios (2013). Tbilisi, Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung (KAS).



Kornely Kakachia & Tamara Pataraia – Role of Social Networks in Georgian Party Politics

For years, Georgia’s political life was overwhelmingly dominated by a single party while citizens, opposition parties and civil society were left sidelined with little opportunity to engage 슈퍼버니맨 pc 무료 다운로드. This paper sets out to test the hypothesis that online communication technologies enabled political parties to create a competitive platform and position themselves more effectively for the 2012 parliamentary elections 다운로드.

This study explores the impact of modern communication technologies and social media networks on Georgian party politics and ways in which political parties can promote greater public involvement in political processes through the use of social networks 다운로드.

Kakachia, K., & Pataraia T. (2013). Role of Social Networks in Georgian Party Politics. Tbilisi, Meridiani 다운로드.


Zaur Shiriyev & Kornely Kakachia – Azerbaijani-Georgian Relations

This report seeks to identify the level of cooperation across various pillars, including politics, economy, energy, tourism, business, education, media, cultural, military and defense 세종 말뭉치 다운로드. It also discusses Georgia’s Azerbaijani community and Azerbaijan’s Georgian community, and how they affect political cooperation. Finally, the report provides recommendations for both governments, as well as suggestions for action at the regional and international levels 다운로드.

Kakachia, K. & Shiriyev, Z. (2013). Azerbaijani-Georgian Relations: The Foundations and Challenges of the Strategic Alliance 다운로드. SAM Review, 7-8. Center for Strategic Studies, Baku