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Paul Manning – Love, Khevsur Style: The Romance of the Mountains and Mountaineer Romance in Georgian Ethnography

This chapter is about the romance of the mountains in Georgia, which, it could be argued, is a central Caucasian paradigm for the Georgian tradition of ethnography, since Khevsureti is the central focus of Georgian ethnograhy, the place in which exemplary Georgians are also exemplary Caucasian mountaineers 맨인더다크. Secondly, this chapter is about another Caucasian paradigm, namely, the imagined and real relationship between the indigenou intelligentsia and ‘people’, as figured in the ‘Romance of the Khevsurs’ 다운로드. Lastly, this raises an consideration of how Georgian (and generally East European) ethnography differs from American and British anthropology in that it is not epistemically predicated  on an assumption on essential alterity but on essential identity 카카오톡 api 다운로드.

Manning, P. (2007). Love Khevsur Style: The Romance of the Mountains and Mountaineer Romance in Georgian Ethnography 구글 크롬 32비트. Caucasus Paradigms: Anthropologies, Histories, and the Making of a World Area, edited by Bruce Grant & Lale Yalçın-Heckmann, pp. 23–46 다운로드. Halle Studies in the Anthropology of Eurasia 13. Berlin: LIT Verlag

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Kevin Tuite – “Antimarriage” in Ancient Georgian Society

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In this paper author will demonstrate that the Svans, who speak a Kartvelian language distantly related to Georgian, preserve a structurally-comparable ritual the designation of which — ch’æch’-il-ær — is formed from a root cognate with that of c’ac’-l-oba 다운로드. On the basis of a comparative analysis of the Svan and Pshav-Xevsurian practices in the context of traditional Georgian beliefs concerning marriage and relationships between “in-groups” and “out-groups”, author will propose a reconstruction of the significance of *c´’ac´’-al- “anti-marriage” in prehistoric
Kartvelian social thought 다운로드.

Tuite, K. 2000. “Antimarriage” in Ancient Georgian Society. Anthropological Linguistics 42 (1): 37–60.


Florian Mühlfried – Being a State and States of Being in Highland Georgia

The highlands region of the republic of Georgia, one of the former Soviet Socialist Republics, has long been legendary for its beauty 환주격격 다운로드. It is often assumed that the state has only made partial inroads into this region, and is mostly perceived as alien. Taking a fresh look at the Georgian highlands allows the author to consider perennial questions of citizenship, belonging, and mobility in a context that has otherwise been known only for its folkloric dimensions 만화 삼국지 pdf. Scrutinizing forms of identification with the state at its margins, as well as local encounters with the erratic Soviet and post-Soviet state, the author argues that citizenship is both a sought-after means of entitlement and a way of guarding against the state 다운로드. This book not only challenges theories in the study of citizenship but also the axioms of integration in Western social sciences in general.

Mühlfried, F 다운로드. (2014). Being a State and States of Being in Highland Georgia. Berghahn Books.

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