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Robert Nalbandov – Living with Security Dilemmas: Triggers of Ethnic Conflicts: The Case of Georgia


The objective of the present article is to define the factors that may catalyze the intrastate ethnic conflicts. Based on the analysis of Georgia’s four ethnic minorities – Abkhazians, South Ossetians, Armenians and Azeris –that are under similar political conditions but show different behavior, the study concludes that the only two common factors salient for bringing security dilemmas into conflict were the former autonomies of Abkhazians and South Ossetia, and the malevolent interests of a third party 다운로드. Coupled with strategic location in the outskirts of Georgia and along its borders, these autonomies institutionalized the feeling of ethno-political difference of their ethnic groups from the Georgian titular nation, instilled in the ethnic groups sovereign-like mentality and attracted foreign interventions Surfer 8 download.

Nalbandov, R. (2010). Living with Security Dilemmas: Triggers of Ethnic Conflicts: The Case of Georgia. Transcience Journal 1(1), 47-62


International Crisis Group – Georgia’s Armenian and Azeri Minorities

Georgia is a multinational state, building democratic institutions and forging a civic identity. However, it has made little progress towards integrating Armenian and Azeri minorities, who constitute over 12 per cent of the population 다운로드. Tensions are evident in the regions of Samtskhe-Javakheti and Kvemo-Kartli, where the two predominantly live and which have seen demonstrations, alleged police brutality and killings during the past two years 퀀텀 브레이크 다운로드. While there is no risk of these situations becoming Ossetian or Abkhaz-like threats to the state’s territorial integrity, Tbilisi needs to pay more attention to minority rights, including use of second languages, if it is to avoid further conflict 다운로드.

International Crisis Group. (2006). Georgia’s Armenian and Azeri minorities. International Crisis Group.