David Darchiashvili – National Society and Imperatives of Modern Security

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In this article, David Darchiashvili analyzes the interconnectedness of nationalism and security. Nation and nationalism is a risky unity and ideology because people, under national flags, tend to ignore their own as well as others lives 뿌요뿌요 피버. However, an international system is arranged in such a way and an individual’s basic requirements build up such a hierarchy that a nation-state still remains to be an irreplaceable institution for ensuring individual as well as collective security 다운로드. Assuming that nationalism is a threat and, at the same, a pillar of national, regional or international security, it is politicians’ challenge to formulate national identity that will strike a balance between ethnicity and citizenship: it should reflect the requirement for the allegiance to ethnic beliefs, religion and liberal-democratic principles 다운로드.

Darchiashvili, D. (2009). National Society and Imperatives of Modern Security. Identity Studies, 1.


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