George Khelashvili – Georgia’s Foreign Policy Impasse. Is Consensus Crumbling?

This paper is an attempt to analyze what has underpinned Georgia ’s foreign policy consensus and how likely it is to persist in the face of mounting difficulties concerning Georgia’s international standing 스마트 메이커 다운로드. The explanation for foreign policy persistence includes the Georgian president’s grip on power, the intransigence of the Russian leadership toward improving relations with Tbilisi, a lack of practical cooperative areas in Russian-Georgian relations, and the government’s motivation to stay its course under conditions of international uncertainty 다운로드. However, the broad ideological consensus regarding Georgia’s foreign policy stance may be weakening.

Khelashvili, G 마크탈출맵. (2011). Georgia’s Foreign Policy Impasse. Is Consensus Crumbling? Ponars Eurasia Policy Memo, (187).


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